My favourite slim elite escorts

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a really big fan of elite escorts, or girls in general, with slimmer figures. And I don’t mean the kind that can cut wind with their edges, I mean the kind that are slim, but still have some meat on their bones and some curves where curves should be. I think that a person who takes good care of their body can be very determined, perseverant and disciplined. These are some very underrated qualities in high class escorts, but they’re actually very important if you’re going for maximum satisfaction. Anyway, there are plenty of amazing slim elite escorts in London, and today I’m going to count down my 3 favourites. These girls are truly at the pinnacle of their profession.

No. 3: Celine

Celine used to be a model before she became one of my favourite slim elite escorts, that much is obvious. She’s not only a thing of stunning beauty, but also a very sweet and gentle girl. I first met Celine last summer and she impressed me with how intelligent she is. And if you become intimate with her, get ready for a girl who’s ready and willing to do just about anything. In fact, she’s a bit of sub in that respect, but she doesn’t like it if it hurts TOO much.

No. 2: Fanny

Unlike Celine, Fanny REALLY likes it rough. She has the body of a super model and is posh enough to make you think she’s descended from the highest royal families in Europe, but once you manage to get this stunning E. European love goddess in bed, the real fun begins. She’s a former gymnast, so she’s extremely flexible and has a thing for rough, hard love-making. So, a gorgeous, slim gymnast who’s flexible and likes it rough is only No. 2? Yes, because nobody can top:

No. 1: Akira

Check out this girl’s profile on Confidential Models, then come back and read what I have to say about her. Did you see all her pictures? Did you see how freaking beautiful this girl is? I don’t know if it’s just a matter of personal taste or not, but I really think this girl is one of the most amazing escorts that have ever been. Her gorgeous body is only the beginning. She can speak multiple languages, she’s really funny and she can do things with her mouth that I didn’t think possible. Imagine that you’re with a girl and she’s pleasing you orally. She’s with your whole manhood in her mouth, then she sticks out her tongue and uses it to caress your gentleman’s marbles. AKIRA CAN DO THAT! Oh and she’s perfect in society too. If you want to go out with an escort, she’s the girl to do it with. Perfect etiquette, perfect manners, she really has it all.


These are my favourite slim bodied elite escorts. Either one of them can provide you with the best possible escorting services in the city.

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